Established in 2012, Austin Christian Vocational Academy is a private Pre-K to 12th Grade Christian vocational preparatory school that caters to the education and skills training needs of families in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. 
As a private Jacksonville Christian Academy, we are located in a church. We are committed to providing quality education based on Christian fundamentals. We focus on the holistic formation of our students and provide them with ample instruction and support for their mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

In addition to our standard courses, we are proud of our core trade courses which include: Cosmetology, Construction, and Auto Mechanic. We believe that providing our students with the knowledge and skills to set them on the right track towards successful careers in their chosen field is a mission we so humbly partake in, with the end goal of improving the lives of individuals and families throughout our community and surrounding areas.

So if you're in Jacksonville or nearby areas and are looking for a private Christian school that offers quality Pre-K to 12th Grade education as well as trade courses that equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed, please get in touch with us today!
Spiritual Growth
At Austin Christian Vocational Academy, the Bible is vitally important. It is our belief that continual Bible study, applying what is learned to real life situations, role playing and modeling, classroom bible activities, and daily prayer with our students will be beneficial to their growth and happiness as they mature into adulthood.
The second Thursday of each month, students attend our in-school Chapel for prayer, song, student bible exposition, recitations, oratorical practice, and church etiquette.
As our students reach middle school age, they will be administered our temperament profile to determine their temperament. This assessment allows parents, teachers, and administrators to gain a better understanding of our students’ behavior. It allows us to know their Spiritual gifts and where God wants them in church, school, and society.
Austin Christian Vocational Academy was founded in August of 2000 and is in its fourth year of operation. The private school is named after Mrs. Annie Mae Austin, a mid-twentieth century African American woman who typified the ideals of the school in her belief that faith in God, hard work, and education are the keys to success in life.

Mrs. Annie Mae Austin instilled these ideals in her children, her daughter, Mrs. Audrey Austin White, who became a church leader, committed educator, and dedicated mother; and her son, Mr. Alfred Austin, an educator, athlete, and respected athletic director. After three generations of Austins, Mrs. Annie Mae Austin’s grand-daughter, Dr. V. Robinson Coleman, established the private school in her honor. Austin Christian Vocational Academy can be best described as a primary educational development institution. The key strengths of this institution are an innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art technology, strong teaching, administrative and parental support. God is at the center of the school, and therefore is part of the teaching and learning experience at Austin Christian Vocational Academy.